Do you know why a mime makes a lousy freelance writer?

An image of a mime being a lousy freelance writer

A mime being a lousy freelance writer

Of course you do…

A freelance writer deals in words and words are important. In fact, the right words are essential to success. They’re the difference between a hit and a miss. And mimes just don’t cut it when it comes to words. Only a quality freelance writer will do.

Whether you provide a product or a service…

Whether you’re a profit or non-profit…

Whether you’re a big corporation, a small business or an individual…

Whether you’re a start-up or established…

…words need to work for you.

Not being a mime, I’m able to organize the words that will inform and persuade your target audiences. When you don’t have the time, interest, or staff to write, that’s the time to contact me. Sometimes you just need a freelance writer to see your content from a slightly different angle and give it a “fresh coat of paint.”

Fuel for the freelance writer! (Espresso)

Fuel for the freelance writer!


Let me handle your copywriting, your article writing, your social media postings, your reports, your letter writing, your ghostwriting, you speech writing, creating your training material, and editing and writing your in-house publications or, virtually,  any other writing projects you can think of. I’m crazy about creating SEO efficient web content. I get a kick out of creative writing (fiction, ghostwriting) as well.


Sometimes you need a freelance writer:

  • to tell your story.  When they read your story, they’ll get you and what you’re offering.
  • to create a workhorse of piece that is all business. Nothing but a serious tone will do.
  • to persuade. You want the reader to do or think something that they might not have thought or done before.
  • to build a relationship. You want a conversational tone that reduces the distance between you and the reader.
  • to inform. The facts have to be clear. How else will they know?
  • to touch the heart. We humans are emotional beings. We want to feel connected to the joys and pains of another human. We want to be uplifted.
  • to entertain.  Occasionally, we need some fun and a chance to climb around on the jungle gyms in our minds.

Let me know what you’re shooting for. I’ll handle the rest.


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