Time management recipe – just add tomatoes

By Darrell Hill

A row of tomatoes representing time management pomodoros

One at a time gets it finished.

I’m no time management specialist. Until now, I’ve been even less of a time management practitioner. I’ve written about it. But as far as putting it into practice goes… not so much. Finding enough time and then managing the time I may find has always been a burden for me. As a freelance writer, keeping on task is critical to my business. But the run-of-the-mill time management methods always came across as complex and gimmicky. And then I found the simplest of them all. It didn’t even matter that it might also be the most gimmicky as well. The Pomodoro time management method, from my perspective, is the worst kept secret of the century (this one and the last). I don’t remember exactly how I stumbled across it, but I did. It was new to me. When I researched it, it began to look like maybe I was the last guy on Earth who didn’t know anything about this. For shame.  I like being more on top of things than that. Continue reading

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The Roomba Rumba

By Darrell Hill

An image of a cat staring down a Roomba

I think cats are more interested in Roomba than dogs

When I was young, movies and world fairs promised us robots and flying cars by the 21st century. Alas, all we have in 2014 in the way of household technological miracles is the Roomba and the smart phone. Nonetheless, to me, these are miraculous.

Being an early adopter, I’ve enjoyed my Roomba for several years now. When I originally got it, I mostly thought of it as a toy for my dog. The round disk of a machine scurries about the room like some demented pet. My dog soon lost interest.  However, being more easily amused than my dog, I always enjoy watching it harmlessly and gently bump into pieces of furniture and walls as it skitters from side to side in my house. The Roomba not only entertains, but does what it promises. Continue reading

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From Elmore Leonard:

Elmore Leonard“I try to leave out the parts that people skip.”

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From Mark Twain:

A photo of Mark Twain“An old, cold letter ….makes you wonder how you could ever have got into such a rage about nothing.”

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Some great print ads

For your entertainment and inspiration. Go full screen (bottom right corner) for better viewing.



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Don’t forget to remember to write without it being too hard to read


By Darrell Hill

If you are reading this article about how to write more simply after reading the title, I want to congratulate you. The title is accurate but too involved to bother with. A messy string of words will turn-off the reader faster than anything. Continue reading

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Mural in downtown Raleigh NC

Mural from a parking deck

A fantasy mural in NC

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Ray Bradbury on writing persistently

Ray Bradbury on just hanging in there.



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Life is movement

Picture of two old people walking with shadows that are dancing. By Darrell Hill

The best, the quickest, the easiest way to improve your life is to move.   It’s a magic elixir which can change a tired, depressed, listless life.  Instead, with just a little moving, one can feel vibrant and enjoy a sense of well-being and accomplishment.  While toning and muscle-building movement has some benefits, getting the oxygen moving through your brain, muscles, and other organs with exercise is best. Continue reading

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Why I don’t eat breakfast at fast food places.

A picture of tatter tots swimming in grease.

Just a reminder.

Just reminding myself why I usually don’t have breakfast at fast food places. That’s not water on the napkin. That’s fat / oil. One minute in the mouth; a lifetime in the arteries. Gross.

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